What Are NFTs, and Why Are They Taking Over the Digital Art World?

NFT, An Internet sensation has created a buzz in the Art market.

NFTs have a lot of momentum. They are changing the way artworks are traded and are creating new opportunities for the Art Market.

What are NFTs and how do they work?

The Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a crypto currency that represents a digital asset, such as a photo or video clip, a GIF, an article, tweet, or even a tweet.

NFTs are used widely to tokenize digital artworks. These NFTs then are traded in NFT markets to make a profit.

What are the key characteristics and features of NFTs


  • Fungibility refers to the ability of assets to be exchanged for other assets of like-kind.
  • As their values are identical, 1 Bitcoin and 2 Bitcoins can be interchanged.
  • However, one diamond cannot be traded with another because there is no such thing as a “same” diamond.
  • NFTs can’t be exchanged or replaced in the same manner. Every NFT you receive is unique. You can’t swap or replace any NFT with another.
  • The uniqueness of NFTs is achieved by having them encoded with a unique crypto-native identification code, which is immutable but unchangeable.

Properties that are blockchain-typical

NFT, a crypto token bears many blockchain-typical characteristics like

  • Decentralization
  • Recording transactions in a distributed leadger
  • Record records are immutable
  • Indestructible and unbreakable
  • NFTs can be cryptographically authenticated
  • NFTs are traded with cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs are subject to fluctuating prices and values. They may be worth more or less depending on when they are purchased.
  • One NFT may only have one owner at a time

Why is NFT so important and valuable in the art marketplace?

  • It verifies the uniqueness of a piece and makes it more valuable.
  • NFTs are indisputable evidence of ownership

How can I capitalize on NFTs

Make and sell NFTs. Digital artists and content creators create NFTs to help them sell their work and reach secondary markets.

Trade NFTs and Invest: NFT investors and collectors interact with the NFT markets in the same way they engage with stock markets and cryptocurrency market. They invest, wait to see the value increase, then sell and get profit. OpenSea and SuperRare are some of the most popular markets to purchase and sell NFTs.

Your own NFT marketplace: This is another way to capitalize upon the fad and popularity of NFTs. NFT marketplaces have also been in demand because of the boom in commerce.

LeewayHertz can help you launch your custom NFT marketplace

  • Our NFT Marketplace solution is for blockchain-focused businesses, art platforms, start ups, game publishers, and other interested parties
  • We assist you in launching your NFT market and reduce time-to-market.
  • Our solution facilitates the bidding, selling, trading, and trade of NFT-backed Digital Arts or other Assets.
  • LeewayHertz’s NFT white label marketplace solution is a key feature
  • NFT Rankings per hour
  • Listing tokens in a collection
  • Search filters
  • Easy browsing according to categories
  • Unlockable Content
  • Favorite Mark
  • Add a collaborator
  • Wallet integration and many more.

A call for action

If you are interested to launch your own NFT marketplace, we would be delighted to partner with.

Get a free demonstration of our white-label NFT market solution.


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