How to make a Stablecoin with XinFin?

What is a Stablecoin exactly?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is linked to a tangible asset, such as real property, gold or US dollars. This is done to stabilise the price and prevent fraudulent activity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Different types Stablecoins


These stablecoins have their value backed up by the specific fiat currency. Fiat-Backed stablecoin tokens are worth 1:1.


Non-collateralized stabilizecoins are those that do not have collateralization. They are the ones that are based upon the fundamental of Seigniorage Shares. The concept Seigniorage describes the difference between the printing cost and the value of money.


The crypto-backed stable cryptocurrency works exactly the same as the legal currency stable currency. However, the crypto-backed stable currency does not allow for the use cryptocurrency as collateral to replace fiat currency.


Other types of exchangeable assets like real estate and precious metals can back stablecoins that are backed up by commodities. One of the most commonly guaranteed commodities is gold.

What is Xinfin exactly?

The word Xinfin stands for infinite exchange. Xinfin refers to an ecosystem that can change the international supply chain, finance and trade.

How to make a Stablecoin with XinFin

Step 1: Unlock your Wallet

Step 2: Pick a Name

Step3: Choose a symbol

Step4: Currency Supply

Step5: Issue and Review

How can the XinFin be a platform that allows you to create Stablecoins easily?

Minimum Congestion

Compared to other platforms the network congestion on XinFin platform has been quite low. This allows for smooth transactions and a faster transaction.

Low transaction fees

Each transaction has a low transaction fee and is affordable.

Nature is evolving

The revolutionary Xinfin platform for creating stablecoins is a network that makes it possible. XinFin works tirelessly to find scaling solutions.

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